Thursday, August 28, 2014




Save Red Car Releasing on August 29th worldwide on Apple store and Google play! If you are a racing game aficionado you are in for a treat with the newest racing game sensation. This game promises to offer new features, more fun and lots of action.
Save Red Car is bound to be the most talked about racing game for the better part of this year. This game is easy to understand and is not any different from popular online racing games.

Control your racing car in the drag race to collect all the coins and win the race. Join the tango league with turbo speeding Red Car.Fetch the magnets to collect coins automatically. Share your score with your Facebook friends or your gameplay video on YouTube.Save Red Car is a top fast drag racing game. Save Red Car is the number 1 game for racers and most famous among free racing games. Drag Race, Track Race, Fast Race, Day Race. Promo Video -

Save Red Car game is free to play and download on Google Play, Apple App store, Facebook application, EveryPlay gameplay videos - You can also download it at the publishers Website So no purchase required. Download today!
Save Red Car comes with some improvements as well as features that are common in racing games. Passionate internet racing game fans will find themselves conversant with these user friendly features which include:
High top quality graphics and animations
Day and night light racing mode
Special Racing light effects at night
Multiple race tracks and great racing sound effects
Watch recorded racing game play video and share with friends on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube via everyplay

Facebook achievements and leaderboard

Race forever and keep crashing

Save the Red Car

Balkar Singh Dandiwal on Google Play Store says, “It is a mind blowing game!! I play it regularly on my gives a perfect gaming experience, you will never get bored.”Sunshine gal 31 on iTunes says, “This is very cool racing game i play it every day on my iPhone. You can also share your score with your Facebook friends. Totally awesome game!”“Very nice graphics with cool features and awesome gameplay!!” says AtulNorCal on iTunes. Vaani Kumar on Google Play Store had this to say as well, “Fantastic game. You won't get disappointed by downloading this game it is really great. I recommend that you have this.”

Save Red Car is published by Mad Over Games, a leading interactive gaming company for the mobile and web world.They are located in Mountain View, CA. Portland, OR and Delhi, India. The company delivers games on Android, Ios, Windows mobile and Facebook and is committed to delivering entertainment.

For more information, Mad Over games can be reached through:
Google Play: MadOverGames on Google Play
Apple app store: MadOverGames on on Apple app store
Twitter: @MadOverGames
Google +:
YouTube :
EveryPlay : Save Red Car on EveryPlay
EveryPlay : War of worlds on EveryPlay
Email at:

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Let the GAME begin!!!

An action game where your mission is to save the planet. This is an epic space battle infinite runner type game. To reach to a level or a high score, the game play allows the user to control a spaceship that actually controls everything. Its features sometimes makes it unique like good format of control and live video sharing which makes this game a worth playing game. Also, challenges get difficult with each level which also increases the curiosity to achieve a high score.
PLAY WITH THE POWER now and GET GOING  with this trending game.

           A powerful and exiting game with great features:
·        Tilt your device to move.
·        War against Alien Birds.
·        A retro Style game with epic space warfare.
·        Tap to shoot.
·        Experience the adventure.
·        Free to play.
·        Techno style art.
·        Leaderboard support.
·        Secured app.
·        Action Racing Game.
·        Share your score on facebook.
·        Save the live gameplay recording.
·        Dodge aliens , birds.

Catch all your facebook friends here and experience the real adventure with an ultimate super hero space alien bird combat. A 100% secure game, with Techno Style Art and leader board support for your facebook friends. Also, share your recorded video gameplay on facebook, twitter, youtube and everplay.

Play  WAR OF WORLDS and I’m sure you will love this action racing game with amazing features. Now, play this trend following game WAR OF WORLDS with your friends and also you can share with them on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. Also, catch this exiting game on your Google PlayStore and on iTunes which is absolutely free including the Live Gameplay video recording.

PlayStore:  Download Link for Android
iTunes: Download Link for iPhone 

War of Worlds available on Itunes and Google Play

War of worlds is an infinite runner type game available for download on

It supports English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Deutsch, Japanese and Korean. You are controlling a spaceship and have to defend the planet against alien birds. Shoot them all to survive, they touch you and you die.

  • Tilt your device to move. 
  • Share your gameplay live recording.  
  • Play with Facebook friends
  • Share score, gameplay video with facebook, youtube or twitter
  • A retro Style game with epic space warfare.
  • Free to play completely.
  • Leaderboard support.